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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 10 Continued

The Barometer has fallen all day - gusting winds, - 20 windchill to -30; wind > 25 mph - we did not get out of the tents all day.

We had + drift to start but now are moving away again being carried by the under-ice current away from the Pole.

It is a long day in the tent - napping, chatting, playing connect 4.
Some of our challenges over the week have included 3 broken ski bindings (2 for Dale, one for Michel); one broken tent pole (we carried 2 spares), I punctured my thermarest cutting cheese (patched - or it would have been a cold night); one broken ski pole.

But all in all we remain optimistic that the weather pattern will clear and we will make a push later tonight or early in the morning.


Maintainin morale over a small stove