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Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 2 on the Ice

location: latitude 89 degree, 09.9 minutes, longitude east 123 degrees 04.1 minutes, elevation about 3 feetwe drifted overnight 1.25 nautical miles

OMG, we spent the first 90 minutes just catching up to where we were when we went to bed. What a day - overcast, windy and then snow - flat light - really hard to sort out where we are going! Some pretty big winds. We came across our first large open water. As we stood there the ice drifted, moaning loudly and slowly closed up one areas of the open water allowing us to cross the water. The sound was incredible. You could feel the ice move and rumble underneath us - and a crack open on our side of the ice while waiting to cross...

We pulled for 8.5 hours achieving about 8 miles - but as I sit here writing this note we are continuing to drift away from the pole....We had a huge number of obstacles that have required us to take off our skiis and walk everything through the spaces. So things really take a long time - and it isn't at all like the cross country skiing I've been used to. Spirits are good